AEESP Award for Outstanding Teaching in Environmental Engineering & Science

AEESP Award for Outstanding Teaching in Environmental Engineering & Science Nomination Submissions

This award is given annually to recognize an environmental engineering or science professor who is making outstanding contributions to the teaching of environmental engineering, both at the individual's home institution and beyond. A cash award of $500 is presented to the recipient. Previous winners are ineligible for this award.

This award recognizes excellence in classroom performance and related activities. Specifically, nomination packages should demonstrate that the nominee:

  • Possesses and is able to communicate interest in and breadth and depth in subject area knowledge;
  • Designs classroom, laboratory, field-based or other learning activities that challenge and motivate students and demand thinking and learning; and/or
  • Is committed to professional mentoring and academic advising of students.

Nomination packages should include: (1) a brief cover letter from the nominator; (2) brief curriculum vitae (4-page maximum) for the nominee, (3) documentation related directly to the award criteria consisting of no more than 30 pages (including course evaluations with reference evaluation averages for the same or similar course sizes or levels from the nominee's department or college), (4) one (minimum) to three (maximum) letters of recommendation from current or past students; (5) one (minimum) to three (maximum) letters of recommendation from faculty, administrator, or industry peers; and (6) a teaching philosophy statement (500 word maximum) written by the nominee.

Although open to nomination at any rank, the award is intended primarily to recognize a demonstrated commitment to teaching early in a person's career. Therefore, preference is usually given to nominees who are at the assistant or associate level and have demonstrated excellence in teaching undergraduate courses. Past nominations will be carried over and considered for three years and can be modified during this period.

Questions may be directed to the chair of the AEESP Awards Committee:
Dr. Robert Nerenberg
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
University of Notre Dame
e-mail:; Tel: 574-631-4098

The AEESP Foundation graciously thanks you for your generous donation towards endowing this award:

CLICK HERE to submit your nomination.

Past Recipients

2017Lee BlaneyUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
2016Paola PassalacquaUniversity of Texas at Austin
2015Gajan SivandranOhio State University
2014Andrew RamsburgTufts University
2013Amy LandisArizona State University
2012Mira OlsonDrexel University
2011Shannon Bartelt-HuntUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
2010Jeanine Plummer Worcester Polytechnic Institute
2009Jeanne VanBriesenCarnegie Mellon University
2008Anna M. MichalakUniversitiy of Michigan
2007Joel BurkenUniversity of Missouri
2006David HandMichigan Technological University
2005Say-Kee OngIowa State University
2004Angela R. BielefeldtUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
2002James A. SmithUniversity of Virginia
2001Susan M. LarsonUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2000Amy K. ZanderClarkson University